When you are facing a traffic ticket, a traffic violation, or traffic-related criminal charge, you should always seek advice from an experienced Illinois traffic defense lawyer. Traffic violations can be financially costly, and in many cases, these violations can result in a driver’s license suspension. In more serious criminal traffic cases, you can face a term of imprisonment in the event of a conviction. As you plan to meet with a traffic defense attorney, it is important to plan ahead in order to get the most out of your discussion. The following are key tips for how to prepare to discuss your case with a lawyer.

Have the Basic Information Ready About Your Case

When you get ready to speak with a traffic lawyers at our firm, you should have all the basic information ready. Be prepared to tell us the county you received the citation or were arrested, the courthouse where you are expected to appear, the specific date of your traffic stop, the type of traffic ticket, the specific ticket number, and a rough understanding of your prior driving history. When it comes to your prior driving history, we will need to know if you have been cited for other traffic violations in Illinois or elsewhere and how those citations were resolved.

If you do not have all this information, do not worry — we can often look it up. However, when possible, it is helpful to have this information as a start.

Know What We Plan to Discuss With You

Have a sense of what we plan to discuss with you. We can tell you more about the type of traffic ticket, potential penalties you could be facing, how we can help you, and the various outcomes we may be looking to achieve. We will also want to hear from you about any concerns you have.

Be Prepared to Discuss Finances

We will give you a price quote right over the phone. In many cases, we offer payment plans. We can discuss these details including amounts and due dates.

Additionally, many tickets result in fines and court costs. While we cannot predict the exact outcome of your case, we are happy to discuss the amount of possible fines and fees.

Know That We Can Get Started Over the Phone

It is not always necessary to meet in person for us to handle your case. For most traffic cases, we can accomplish everything with you over phone, text message, and email.

Get Ready to Ask Questions and Have Questions to Ask US

As we mentioned above, we expect to discuss your concerns about the case, and we are expecting you will have questions. Do not be afraid to ask any questions. We can often provide an answer to prevent you from worrying unnecessarily.

Contact a Traffic Defense Attorney in Illinois

When you are facing a traffic ticket or a traffic violation, you should know that one of the aggressive Illinois traffic defense attorneys at our firm are here to speak with you about your case. Contact the Driver Defense Team to get started on your case with one of our lawyers and to learn more about how we can assist you.