Options after Receiving a Traffic Ticket


If you are stopped by an officer and receive a minor traffic ticket in Chicago or the suburbs, you likely have three options to handle it, which are usually listed on the back of the ticket or envelope provided by the police officer. Details regarding how to respond to your ticket can vary from county… Learn More

Pulled Over With a Suspended License? What You Should Do?


First things first: If you are driving on a suspended license, it would probably benefit you to investigate other transportation options as soon as possible. If you get pulled over, you are likely to face severe consequences. Please keep in mind that every situation is different, and nothing in this article is intended as legal… Learn More

Issued a Traffic Violation? Why Hiring a Lawyer Makes Sense


If you were issued a traffic violation in Illinois, hiring a lawyer should be the first thing you do. The reason is simple: Your attorney’s job is to further your best interests. Police and state representatives have no such obligation. Before you take a conviction or assume any guilt, you should know all the options… Learn More

How Much Are Fines and Court Costs for a Traffic Ticket?


You were pulled over by a police officer. He or she has issued you a citation for violating a traffic law. What happens next? Depending on the citation, you may have to appear in court, retain an attorney, and decide if you are going to plead guilty or not guilty. The outcomes of the case… Learn More

Fighting the Driver’s License Suspension After a DUI Charge


Most people know that a charge for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Illinois is a criminal offense that requires legal representation. What many people don’t know, however, is that there is a civil component associated with being charged with a DUI. This is known as a statutory summary suspension of your driver’s license. So… Learn More

What Is Court Supervision?

Court Supervision is a way of avoiding a conviction on your record. It is essentially an agreement between you and the court. If you hold up your end of the agreement and complete what is required of you, the court terminates your supervision “satisfactory” and does not enter a conviction on your record. When Is… Learn More

How Do I Get My Driver’s License Back?

If your Illinois driver’s license is suspended or revoked, it affects all aspects of your life. It affects your ability to work, go to the grocery store, drop your children off at school, or go to doctor appointments. So it is easy to see why someone with a suspended or revoked license wants to get… Learn More

How To Drive After A DUI…Legally


Photo of BAIID courtesy of Smart Start. If you are arrested for a DUI in Illinois, your driving privileges are very likely to be suspended. This obviously causes a problem for most people as they need to drive to work, school, and go about their everyday lives. However, all hope is not lost. There is… Learn More

The True Cost of an Illinois DUI


If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence, you want to know, among other things, “What is this going to cost me?” That is an impossible question to answer because each case is different. Some cases go to trial and others are resolved with a plea bargain. Some cases result in a conviction and… Learn More

10 Simple Answers To Your Traffic Ticket Questions


These are short, simple answers to complex questions. The typical lawyer answer to these questions is, “It depends.” But we realize that is not helpful to you. So we do our best to give you honest, straight-forward answers on our website. We hope they’re helpful. But if you have received a traffic ticket and have… Learn More

How Do I Check My Illinois Driving Record?

If you have an Illinois driver’s license, the best way to check your driving record is to go directly to the source – the Illinois Secretary of State. They are the ones that issue your driver’s license. They can take it away. So their data is the data that matters most. The Secretary of State… Learn More

Is a Court Appearance Required for my Traffic Ticket?


There are many types of traffic tickets in Illinois. Whether or not court appearance is required depends upon the type of ticket, the rules in your courthouse, and your desired outcome. The easiest way to get an answer to this question is to simply call our office and speak with one of our legal assistants… Learn More

Analysis: Cook County Stops Prosecuting Many Suspended License Cases


News broke earlier today that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, under the direction of Kim Foxx, will no longer prosecute cases with a suspended license due to financial issues. Many Cook County drivers will be impacted by this new policy. Common Reasons For A Financial Hold On One’s Driver’s License There are many reasons… Learn More

Don’t Pay That Ticket!


You may have seen The Ticket Clinic’s billboards the last few years around Chicago and the suburbs. They all say “Don’t Pay That Ticket.” (Note: As of November 2016, The Ticket Clinic Illinois began operating as Driver Defense Team.) What did they mean by “Don’t pay that ticket”? They meant to encourage you to fight… Learn More