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If you were ticketed, arrested, or in an accident while driving, we can help.

Your Legal Team

Driver Defense Team consists of seven traffic and DUI defense attorneys that work as a team. Every week our attorneys meet to discuss each of our client’s cases, sharing input and previous experience to determine how to best handle each individual case. Our clients don’t just hire one traffic lawyer, they receive the skill, expertise and experience of the entire Driver Defense Team.

Counties We Serve

The attorneys at Driver Defense Team regularly appear in all fourteen traffic courthouses in Cook County, DuPage County and Lake County. Driver Defense Team’s lawyers are familiar with the rules, people and procedures in the traffic courthouses. This allows us to provide our clients with the most effective legal defense possible.

Our History

The Ticket Clinic originated in Miami in 1987. They now have 40 offices in Florida and California and have defended over three million tickets. After expanding to Illinois, Chicago-based attorneys Stephanie and Derek acquired the firm in 2016 and changed the name, but continue to provide outstanding service and deliver excellent results for our clients.

Common Cases We Defend

Traffic Violations

Most people have heard the phrase “Driving Is A Privilege, Not A Right.” It is true that you do not have a right to drive. In the eyes of the law, you earn the privilege to drive based on your skills (passing the test) and by agreeing to follow the rules of the road. When… Learn More

Suspended License

Driving on a suspended or revoked license in Illinois is a criminal offense. It often results in an arrest and an ongoing criminal case. Although the charges seem pretty straight-forward, the resolution to the case can be quite complex. Driving on a suspended or revoked license is one…
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Some states consider Driving Under the Influence (DUI) a traffic offense. But, in Illinois it is a crime with serious consequences. A person charged with a DUI should be aware of a possible license suspension or revocation, the likelihood of high fines, and even jail. Fighting a…
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About Us

We defend drivers. If you were pulled over, got in an accident, or arrested while driving, we can help. We also help you get your driver’s license back if it is suspended or revoked. Driver Defense Team believes in removing the mystery surrounding traffic and criminal defense. When you hire our firm, we are committed… Learn More

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