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What Is Court Supervision?

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Court Supervision is a way of avoiding a conviction on your record. It is essentially an agreement between you and the court. If you hold up your end of the agreement and complete what is required of you, the court terminates your supervision “satisfactory” and does not enter a conviction on your record.

When Is Supervision Available?

It is only possible to get supervision on traffic tickets and misdemeanor criminal cases. It is not possible to get supervision on a felony criminal case.

How Do I Get Supervision?

If you get a minor traffic ticket, many courts allow you to mail the ticket in with a payment and request court supervision. Often times you are also required to complete traffic safety school.

It may also be possible to get court supervision in court either by reaching an agreement with the prosecutor or getting sentenced to supervision by the judge.

How Many Supervisions Can I Get?

For traffic tickets, you are allowed two court supervisions within a 12-month period. However, it is important to know that the court is not obligated to give you court supervision. Even if you are eligible, a prosecutor or judge may not agree to court supervision.

For criminal cases, you are typically only allowed one supervision. It is rare to get supervision twice for the same offense.

What Are The Terms of Supervision?

When you mail in your ticket and request supervision, the terms of the supervision are stated right on the ticket. Usually, it includes paying a fine and completing a traffic course.

In court, the terms of supervision are open to negotiation. It can be any combination of fines, traffic school, community service, or even Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program.

What If I Don’t Complete Supervision?

If you fail to complete the terms of supervision, the prosecutor may file a Petition To Revoke Supervision. If the judge agrees with the prosecutor and terminates your supervision “unsatisfactory,” you will receive a conviction on your record.

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