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As Bridgeview Traffic Violation Lawyers, we are very familiar with the process and procedure in Bridgeview. In addition, we have established a relationship with the prosecutors and the judges. The most common traffic offenses we see in the misdemeanor courtrooms are “Aggravated” Speeding Tickets (speeding tickets in excess of 26 MPH), Driving with a suspended license, and Driving Under the Influence (DUI). You must appear in court on these types of tickets or you risk the judge issuing a warrant for your arrest.

One of the more common misdemeanors that we see in Bridgeview is an Aggravated Speeding Ticket, which is anything 26 MPH or more over the speed limit. Most people do not realize that this is actually an offense in which you can go to jail or face fines in the amount of $2,500. In fact, there is a Judge in Bridgeview that will take a person into custody on the day of court if that person is written a speeding ticket of 100 MPH or more over. Several judges in Bridgeview now require that you complete the Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP) as part of any sentence for an Aggravated Speeding Ticket. This is a type of community service that takes place at Cook County public buildings and locations.

Been Issued a Traffic Ticket? What You Should Do

For petty offense traffic tickets, you do not need to appear in court. You have the option of signing an affidavit, granting us, as your attorney the ability to appear in your place. We are able to determine if the officer who issued you the ticket is in court. If he is not, it is possible to get the ticket dismissed. We are also able to negotiate with the prosecutors and the judges on your behalf. This is very useful for those individuals with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) who may be from another state or out of town on the day of court. It is also possible to get a CDL driver’s ticket amended to a non-moving violation, so it does not affect his or her ability to operate a commercial vehicle.

If you receive a petty offense traffic citation, it is also possible to mail in the payment of either $120 or $140 and take a conviction on the ticket. While this may be cheaper than the court costs outlined above, this will result in a conviction being entered in against your driving record. Three convictions within any 12-month period will result in your driving privileges being suspended. A conviction will also have the likelihood of raising your insurance rates.

The other option on a petty offense ticket out of Bridgeview is to do online or in-person traffic safety school. The first petty offense ticket you receive is eligible to be taken online. The fee for this is $166 if the speed is 1-20 MPH over. It is $186 if it is 21-30 MPH over. The traffic safety school DOES NOT mean that you ticket is dismissed. It just means that the ticket is entered on your driving record as court supervision (meaning it is not a conviction).

Bridgeview Courthouse

The “Bridgeview” Courthouse is also known as the Fifth District of Cook County Circuit Court. The Courthouse handles cases from Bridgeview and the surrounding cities, villages, and towns. The traffic courtrooms are divided into “Felony”, “Misdemeanor”, and “Petty” traffic offenses.

The Bridgeview Courthouse is located at 10220 S 76th Ave. Courtrooms 110, 109, and 104 handle Felony traffic offenses. These are offenses of the most serious nature, where an individual can face lengthy jail sentences and the highest fines.

Courtrooms 102, 105, 207, and 208 handle Misdemeanor traffic offenses. These are still serious (you can still face some jail time) but are less serious than felony offenses. The Cook County State’s Attorney prosecutes these types of offenses.

Courtrooms 201, 109, and 210 handle petty offenses tickets. These are your typical speeding tickets where you face just a fine and court costs. The typical court costs in Bridgeview for these offenses are $214; however, you may face a fine normally in the range of $10-100. Private attorneys hired by the Villages and Cities represent the prosecution on these types of tickets.

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