If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence, you want to know, among other things, “What is this going to cost me?” That is an impossible question to answer because each case is different. Some cases go to trial and others are resolved with a plea bargain. Some cases result in a conviction and others result in a finding of not guilty. These all affect the expenses associated with the case.

However, we try to arm our clients with the most information possible. This post provides the average costs of a first-time DUI in Cook County, Illinois. Keep in mind that these prices vary dramatically based on the county, the exact charges, the attorney fees, and a number of other factors. With years of experience as DUI Lawyers in Chicago, we’ve compiled this data from our own statistics.

We hope you find this information helpful. However, it is only to be used as a guideline. Your exact situation, requirements and costs will vary.

Bail Bond

When you’re arrested for DUI, you may or may not be required to post a cash bond. The purpose of this is to ensure you will appear in court on your required court dates. Many people that receive a first-time DUI receive in i-bond, which does not require them to post money. Others may receive a bond ranging from about $200 to $2,500.

Cost = $0 to $2,500

Vehicle Impoundment

When you are arrested for DUI, it is very likely that the vehicle will be impounded. It does not matter who owns the vehicle. In order to get the car released, you must pay an impound and tow fee. In most suburbs, the fee is about $550. In the City of Chicago, the fee is $2,000. If you do not retrieve the vehicle within a certain time period, an additional fee will be charged for each day the vehicle remains impounded.

Cost = $550 to $2,000

What are the Costs Associated With Driving After A DUI Charge in Illinois?

Nearly everyone charged with a DUI in Illinois will have their driving privileges suspended for some period of time. In order to legally drive while your license is suspended, you will need to receive an MDDP and have a BAIID device installed on your vehicle. The following fees will be required.

  • Before getting the breathalyzer device (BAIID) installed on your vehicle, you must pay a $30 per month Administrative Fee to the Illinois Secretary of State. That fee will be due in full. If your suspension is for six months, the total fee is $180. If your suspension is for twelve months, the fee is $360. The Secretary of State also ads an $8 permit application fee.
  • The only way to legally drive is to have the BAIID Device installed on your vehicle. The cost to have it installed on most vehicles is $75.
  • Each month the BAIID Device is installed in your vehicle, you will be charged a monthly fee of $95.
  • The fee to remove the device from your vehicle is $100.

Cost = $933 to $1683 depending on the length of suspension

Drug & Alcohol Evaluation Fees

Before being sentenced on a DUI in Illinois, a client will need to complete an Alcohol and Drug Assessment Evaluation at one of the courthouses in Cook County. This fee is $225 ($75 if client can bring in tax returns and proves indigency).

Cost = $225

Fees & Court Costs

If you are found not guilty or your case is dismissed, there are no fees or court costs. However, if you plea or are found guilty, you will be responsible for fines and court costs. The typical fines and court costs associated with being sentenced on a DUI in Cook County range between $1,200 and 1,500. If you gave a breath result in excess of 0.16 or you are guilty of multiple offenses (such as speeding), your fines can increase. The maximum fine is $2,500 plus court costs.

Cost = $1,200 to $2,500

Cost of Treatment

If you plead or are found guilty of Driving Under the Influence, you will likely be required to complete drug and alcohol treatment. The details of the treatment will vary based on the results of your drug and alcohol evaluation. Below is an estimate.

  • A fee to Probation or Social Services for $50 per month. The average term is approximately 12 months.
  • Drug or Alcohol testing during Probation or Court Supervision. The cost is approximately $450 in total.
  • Alcohol or Drug Treatment as part of the DUI plea costs between $300 and $1,000, depending upon the required treatment level.
  • During sentencing, the court will require that you complete a one-time program called a Victim Impact Panel. It is typically about a $20 fee.

Cost = $1,370 to $2,070 depending on required level of treatment

Reinstatement Fees

On the 46th day following the day you received your DUI ticket, your driving privileges will likely be suspended for either 6 or 12 months. The length of suspension depends on whether you took the breath test or refused it. Occasionally, if the Secretary of State does not get notice of a summary suspension, the suspension may take effect after 46 days. At the end of that suspension period, you will have to pay a reinstatement fee to the Secretary of State for the suspension to be lifted and your driving privileges reinstated. The reinstatement fee after a first-time DUI is $250.

Cost = $250

Attorney Fees

Attorneys all charge different fees. At Driver Defense Team, we charge a flat rate to defend your DUI case. That price includes all court dates, research, and client consultations. The rate will vary based on the facts of your case, your driving history, the courthouse, and a number of other factors.

Common lawyer fees for a first-time DUI range from $2,500 on the very low end up to $5,000 depending on the lawyer and the circumstances.

Cost = $2,500 to $5,000


DUIs are expensive. There is no doubt about that. Taking into account the attorney fees, as well as court and administrative costs, it is not unusual for a first-time DUI in Cook County to cost ten thousand dollars or more.

However, the full cost of a DUI cannot be measured in just dollars and cents.

A DUI conviction in Illinois will result in a full loss (revocation) of your driver’s license. A criminal conviction on your record can cause you to lose your job or be turned down from future opportunities. The time going to court and treatment is time not spent with family and friends.

The consequences and costs of a DUI are serious. However, seeking representation from a skilled, experienced Chicago DUI law firm can be a great investment. Call or email us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the details of your DUI case.

Total Cost = approximately $7,028 to $16,228

Disclaimer: It is impossible to predict the exact cost of a DUI case. There are too many variables. The costs here are only estimates based on past experiences. Your costs will vary.