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Westmont is a small village in Chicago’s western suburbs, bisected by Ogden Avenue and surrounded by several interstate highways patrolled by the Westmont Police Department, which is known for its tough enforcement of traffic laws.

If you’ve had the misfortune of receiving a traffic ticket in DuPage County, you can request supervision by mail. Keep in mind – mailing in a ticket with payment is considered a guilty plea, with a request for supervision. It will be reviewed but may be denied. If you are denied, it will be entered as a conviction on your driving record, which will more than likely result in higher insurance rates and cause further complications. For more information on supervision and your possible eligibility, please refer to Driver Defense Team to see how we can help.

If you are concerned about your eligibility, or you wish to contest your ticket(s), you may want to attend court. If you are under 21, or if you are charged with more serious offenses like aggravated speeding, leaving the scene of an accident, or you missed the deadline to mail in your supervision request, you MUST attend court.

Tickets written by the Westmont Police Department are heard in the Downers Grove Field Court, inside the American Legion Hall, 400 Saratoga Ave., in Downes Grove. Security for this building has been upgraded and visitors are required to pass through a metal detector. Near the entrance to the courtroom, a docket is posted listing daily cases that will be called. Make sure to check that your name in included, then take a seat in the courtroom.

In court, you will be called to the bench by the judge where you may request more time to hire an attorney, plead guilty or request a trial. Upon a guilty plea, or a conviction following a trial, the prosecutor will recommend a sentence to the judge. Most traffic violations written by Westmont Police officers are prosecuted by private attorneys working for the Village of Westmont. Several factors will go into recommendations, including a person’s driving record and the circumstances of the ticket. In most cases, the sentence will usually be a fine of about $300. In some cases, the judge also will order traffic school. If you plead not guilty, and if the officer is present, a trial will take place at the end of the court session. If the officer is absent, the ticket will likely not be dismissed. Instead, a new trial date will be scheduled.

In either case, the judge will conduct your trial and you will be bound to the ruling. The lawyers at Driver Defense Team are experienced Westmont Traffic Violation attorneys who are in court every day and have learned how to get the best available resolution for your speeding ticket(s).

If you have questions about your situation, if your driving record is complicated or you just don’t want to face court alone, give Driver Defense Team a call and put our experience to work for you.

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