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Speeding Tickets in Illinois

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There are two types of speeding tickets in Illinois – petty speeding and aggravated speeding. While aggravated speeding typically carries more serious penalties than petty speeding, both types of speeding tickets can result in large fines, suspension of license and even higher insurance rates if not handled properly.

  • Petty speeding (up to 25 mph over the speed limit) is the usual ticket you are familiar with. Most people will just mail in payment for these types of tickets and forget them, however, there are good reasons for defending these tickets instead of simply writing a check. (Read more about petty tickets – including petty speeding – here.)
  • Aggravated Speeding is when you’re cited for going 26 mph or more over the speed limit. This is a criminal charge and should be taken very seriously. Mishandling an aggravated speeding charge could even result in jail time. (For more information on Aggravated Speeding, please go here.)

Cook County and DuPage County Speeding Tickets

Penalties and procedures for speeding tickets can vary from county to county. For instance, if you have been cited for going 30 mph or over in Cook or DuPage Counties, then you may not pay your speeding fine through the mail, you are required to show up to court to answer the charges. Because every county may be different, it is important to hire a speeding ticket lawyer who knows the local rules and procedures to make sure that you have the best defense available. There may be serious penalties and consequences for mishandling even the most minor speeding tickets – contact us today to for a free consultation about your speeding ticket.

Illinois Speeding Ticket Point System

Illinois uses a point system wherein every time you are convicted of a moving violation, points are added to your driving record. Points for speeding will stay on your driving record for up to 5 years and are assigned as follows for each conviction in court, or fine paid by mail:

Exceeding the posted limit by:

  • 1 to 10 mph —5 points.
  • 11 to 14 mph —10 points.
  • 15 to 25 mph—20 points.
  • More than 25 mph—50 points.

Suspension of License

If you have three convictions for any traffic violations (not just speeding) within a 12-month period (this includes paying a petty speeding ticket through the mail), your driver’s license can be suspended based on the number of points currently on your driving record (as shown below):

  • 0 to 14 points ― no action
  • 15 to 44 points ― 2-month suspension
  • 45 to 74 points ― 3-month suspension
  • 75 to 89 points ― 6-month suspension
  • 90 to 99 points ― 9-month suspension
  • 100 or more points ― 12-month suspension

Increase in Insurance Rates

Even if the points on your driving record do not lead to a suspension of your license, many insurance companies will use points on a driving record (or convictions for speeding) to increase insurance premiums as you will be considered a “high-risk driver.” This is another reason why simply paying a speeding fine may have greater consequences than expected.s

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