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Park City Branch Court

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Park City Branch Court

Lake County has a number of branch courthouses. These are auxiliary courthouses that primarily hear traffic cases. This allows defendants, police officers, and other community members to attend court near where the incident took place, instead of always traveling to the main Waukegan courthouse.

The main types of traffic cases heard in the Park City Branch court are speeding tickets, other petty traffic violations, and suspended license cases.

Getting Around The Park City Branch Court

The Park City Branch Court is located at 301 S. Greenleaf Avenue, Park, City, IL 60085.

When you arrive at the courthouse, you will see that there is plenty of parking in the lot to the left of the building and also some in front. Parking there is free. The court opens 15 minutes before the court call. When you enter the building, you must pass through the metal detectors.

You can bring your phone inside, but it would be wise to put it on silent first.

Once inside, you’ll see the double doors to the courtroom on your left. You’ll also see teller windows for the Clerk and Cashier. You can enter the courtroom and check in with the clerk if you do not have a lawyer. If you are represented by counsel, do not bother checking in as we will do that for you.

Park City Court Schedule

Traffic cases in Park City are heard at 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm. If you requested a court date or if your ticket had one listed on it, the time will be included. You’ll want to arrive on that scheduled time because, if you don’t, the court can enter a conviction on your behalf. To confirm your exact court location, date and time, find your case on the Lake County Traffic Case Search website.

Hiring a Traffic Lawyer for Court in Park City

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Lawyers from Driver Defense Team attend court at the Park City Branch Court often. We are familiar with the rules, procedures, and people here.

If you have a case in Park City Branch Court and are interested in hiring a lawyer, please contact us for a free consultation. We will be happy to discuss your case, the potential outcomes, the fee, and how we have defended cases like this in the past at the Park City Branch Court. It pays to hire attorneys that have experience with both your type of ticket and the courthouse. You can trust Driver Defense Team to help.


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