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Wheaton Courthouse

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Wheaton Courthouse

The DuPage County Courthouse is located in Wheaton, Illinois. It serves as the primary courthouse for DuPage County, Illinois.

All cases in DuPage County are held in this courthouse with the exception of traffic cases in field courts in Downers Grove, Addison and Glendale Heights.

The DuPage County courthouse is located at 505 N. County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL 60187. It is located just north of Roosevelt Rd about six miles west of Interstate 355.

However, the campus can be difficult to navigate if you have never been there before. The courthouse is located among other county offices and buildings, including the DuPage County Jail.

To attend court, you will want to park in the large parking garage located at 509 N. County Farm Rd. This is directly next to the courthouse. There is also a parking lot right outside both the courthouse and garage. Parking in either the lot or the garage is free.

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Please be aware that you are not permitted to bring your cell phone inside of the courthouse. You’ll want to leave it in your car or place it in the lockers at the exit of the parking garage.

When you exit the parking garage, the courthouse is straight ahead. You cannot miss it. Walk in the main entrance and stay to the right to pass through security and metal detectors. The line can be long and take some time to get through. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to get through security and over to your courtroom.

DuPage Courthouse Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are heard in just two courtrooms in the DuPage County courthouse. Courtrooms 1001 and 1003 are traffic rooms. They have court calls at 8:00 am, 8:30 am, and 1:00 pm.

If you have court in either of these rooms, you’ll want to walk past the escalators, take a left down the hallway, then find the first set of double doors on your left. Beyond those double doors are courtrooms 1001 and 1003. If you do not have an attorney, you’ll want to check into court by using the kiosks located outside the courtroom. If you do have an attorney, do not check in with the kiosk. Your attorney will check in for you.

Be sure to double check your ticket to ensure it is scheduled to be heard in this courthouse and not in the Addison Field Court or Downers Grove Field Court. If you are unsure, you can check with the DuPage County Clerk by calling them at (630) 407-8600 or searching their website for your ticket:

DuPage County Traffic Lawyers

If you find yourself charged with a traffic ticket in DuPage County, it is imperative that you hire a seasoned traffic attorney to represent you. The attorneys at Driver Defense Team have many years of experience in DuPage County. We are ready to discuss your tickets over the phone or in person. We will provide a free consultation where you will learn the seriousness of the charges, the procedure for handling your case, the legal fee we charge, and how we can help beat your case or improve your situation.


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