If you were issued a traffic violation in Illinois, hiring a lawyer should be the first thing you do. The reason is simple: Your attorney’s job is to further your best interests. Police and state representatives have no such obligation. Before you take a conviction or assume any guilt, you should know all the options — not just those that are convenient for the state of Illinois.

Getting the Big Picture

Depending on your case, your lawyer would help you by filing paperwork, engaging in negotiations, representing you at trial and participating in hearings. These are all basic functions of traffic and criminal defense attorneys. However, some of the most important assistance starts right away: Your lawyer should give you an understanding of all of the options you have during your initial consultation. The law is not intuitive, so you would probably have alternatives you had not even considered.

Defending Against Serious Charges

Of course, there are some situations in which it could be even more crucial to hire a lawyer. If you received a citation for aggravated speeding, for example, you would probably want someone with some experience and knowledge of this area of the law. These are not simple speeding tickets. They are misdemeanors, and convictions could carry jail sentences and fines.

If you have had multiple violations in the past year, you may need an attorney to get you the greatest chance possible of avoiding license suspension. If you are not sure how serious your case is, lawyers can help you understand that, too.

You may also want to be especially careful if you drive a commercial vehicle for a living. Certain types of situations may affect your CDL even if you were driving a personal vehicle at the time of the violation. When your livelihood is on the line as well as your driving privileges, every advantage you can get is important.

Securing Your Future

Hiring a lawyer is usually the best long-term strategy, even though it may seem like it costs more than paying a ticket or taking a conviction. At the very least, a legal analysis of your situation would help you understand the total of all of the penalties would be accepting. Please keep in mind that there could be unexpected costs or consequences when you pay off ticket or plead guilty to a misdemeanor.

Your case deserves individual attention. Please do not use this article as a substitute for legal advice. Your rights are important, and you should know all of your options. Please call us as soon as possible at (312) 940-8330 to discuss your situation and set up your initial appointment.