When you are facing a traffic ticket or you were involved in an accident while you were driving, it is essential to have an experienced and aggressive Illinois traffic lawyer on your side. Because, it can be difficult to choose the right traffic lawyer for your case, the advocates at Driver Defense Team are committed to helping Illinois drivers. The following are the primary criteria you should consider when choosing a traffic lawyer.

Familiarity with the Type of Ticket or Traffic Case

It is essential to have a traffic lawyer who makes traffic ticket cases a priority and has experience handling the type of case you are facing. While many lawyers are willing to take a traffic ticket case, it is important for potential clients to realize traffic ticket cases are probably not among the most common types of cases those attorneys handle.

Also, many lawyers who are willing to take traffic ticket cases will not make them a priority. For example, many criminal defense attorneys handle traffic ticket cases, but they make defense cases for drug charges, weapons offenses, homicide, and other felonies a priority. When you are facing consequences of a traffic ticket, you deserve to have an attorney who focuses on traffic ticket defenses and makes your cases a priority.

Familiarity with the Courthouse

You should choose a traffic lawyer who is familiar with the courthouse where your traffic ticket case will be heard, including familiarity with the judges, prosecutors, and the specific procedures of that courthouse. When a more general criminal defense attorney agrees to take a traffic ticket case, it is common for that lawyer to not be familiar with the traffic courthouse.

You deserve a lawyer who practices at that courthouse on a regular basis where your traffic ticket case will be heard. When you hire an attorney – who is familiar with the specific traffic ticket court and its personnel and procedures – you will get the best outcome. You will also save yourself the hassle of having to come to court multiple times in case your attorney forgot to complete paperwork or process payments, due to a lack of familiarity with the court.

Flat Fee Pricing

It is extremely important to choose a traffic lawyer who has flat fee pricing. When a lawyer charges a client on a per-court-date basis, that lawyer will have an incentive to continue the case to get paid for additional court dates. In such cases, a client facing a traffic ticket case may not realize what is happening. You should choose an attorney who offers a flat fee. With attorneys who charge a flat fee (plus a trial fee, if necessary), you will know any continuance or additional court date is in your best interest. The lawyers at the Driver Defense Team will always give you a flat fee and believe strongly in this type of pricing.

Quality Communication

You deserve to have a lawyer who takes communicating with you seriously and responds in a timely manner. Our firm takes this seriously. At Driver Defense Team, we have multiple options for communication, including phone, email, and text. We also have a team of legal assistants responding to client communication six days a week. It is our policy to return calls and respond the same day you call. We use technology to ensure no clients are lost in the shuffle, and we always spend the necessary amount of time needed to answer questions from current and potential clients. Even if we do not end up representing you, we are happy to point you in the right direction.

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