Has Your Driver’s License Been Suspended?

What steps can you take if your Illinois driver’s license has been suspended? What are the consequences of a driver’s license suspension in this state? Can a Chicago suspended driver’s license lawyer help you keep your driver’s license or help you have your license restored?

A driver’s license suspension is more than an inconvenience. A suspended license means that you can’t drive to work, school, or the supermarket. You can’t take your kids to school or drive to appointments with your doctor. In this state, your driver’s license could be suspended for:

  1. receiving too many traffic tickets within a twelve-month period
  2. a failure to pay your traffic tickets on time
  3. a failure to make a required court appearance
  4. a recent arrest for driving under the influence (DUI)

When May a License Suspension Be Lifted?

When a driver’s license is suspended in Illinois, it is for a specific length of time – usually three, six, or twelve months. The license is automatically reinstated at the end of the suspension period provided that the reinstatement fee is paid and there are no other pending traffic violations.

If your Illinois driver’s license has been suspended, is there any way that the suspension can be lifted before the full license suspension period is over? In some cases, the answer is yes, but you will need the advice and services of a Chicago suspended driver’s license attorney:

  1. Suspension for too many tickets: In some cases, your attorney can file a motion to vacate a conviction. If one of your traffic convictions is vacated, it could put you back under the suspension threshold, and your license suspension would be automatically lifted.
  2. Suspension for failure to pay tickets: In some cases, simply paying any traffic fines you owe to the court will automatically lift your driver’s license suspension.
  3. Suspension for failure to appear in court: Usually, a failure to make a required court appearance can only be remedied by having your attorney file a motion to vacate, reopening the case, and making an appearance before a judge.
  4. Suspension for a DUI arrest: An arrest for DUI typically entails a six-month license suspension, but there may be a way to retain your driving privilege after a DUI arrest. Your Chicago suspended driver’s license lawyer can suggest the best course of action.

Can You Buy or Register a Vehicle With a Suspended Driver’s License?

Yes, in the State of Illinois, it is possible to buy and register a vehicle while your driver’s license is suspended, but you must have current automobile insurance coverage.

However, if you do not already have insurance coverage, purchasing a vehicle with a suspended Illinois driver’s license is probably impossible, as you must provide proof of insurance to the auto dealership.

Most automobile insurance companies will not sell you a policy if your driver’s license has been suspended, so if you do not already have car insurance coverage before you buy a vehicle, you may have to wait until your driver’s license suspension is lifted to make the purchase.

How Much Auto Insurance Does Illinois Require?

Even if your license is suspended, you can legally register your vehicle in Illinois if you have car insurance, provided that your policy is valid and meets the state’s minimum auto insurance requirements:

  1.  $25,000 for the injury or death of one person in an accident
  2.  $50,000 for the injury or death of more than one person in an accident
  3.  $20,000 for damage to another person’s property

In Illinois, auto insurance policies include uninsured motorist coverage, so you are covered if you are involved in a collision with an uninsured driver. Illinois does not require drivers to carry comprehensive, collision, medical payment, or uninsured property damage coverage.

When Will You Need a Driver’s License Attorney?

The best way to avoid a license suspension is to drive safely and soberly and avoid moving violations. If you are ticketed for a moving violation or placed under arrest for DUI, you must avoid a conviction, so you’ll need to call a Chicago suspended driver’s license attorney at once.

Along with license suspensions, convictions for moving violations or driving under the influence can lead to costly fines, court-ordered attendance at a safe driving class, and higher car insurance rates. A DUI conviction, even for a first offense, may also be penalized with up to a year in jail.

How Will Your Case Be Handled?

Your Illinois driver’s license attorney will seek to have any moving violation or driving under the influence charge removed from your record.

DUI charges may be challenged in several ways. Your attorney may question the breathalyzer exam results or the reason why you were stopped by the police. Several defenses are available if the charge is a moving violation, but you must have the right attorney fighting on your behalf.

Driver Defense Team Fights For Your License

Losing your driving privilege can have serious, negative consequences for your family, your career, and your future. If your Illinois driver’s license is at risk for suspension, you must take direct, immediate action.

If you are charged with a moving violation in or near the Chicago area, or if you are placed under arrest and charged with driving under the influence, call Driver Defense Team as quickly as possible. We’ll provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation case evaluation.

When a Driver Defense Team attorney represents you, that attorney will ensure that the court treats you fairly and properly. We will bring your case to its best possible conclusion, and if your license is at risk, we will fight aggressively to help you retain your driving privilege.

The law offices of Driver Defense Team are located in Villa Park, Stone Park, and Chicago, and we represent clients in Cook County, Lake County, and DuPage County. If your driving privilege is at risk for any reason, call us now at 708-734-6029, and let us go to work for you.