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Traffic Violations in Wheaton

It can happen when you are driving on Main Street in Wheaton passing the old Smokehouse. Or it can happen as you are in the school zone for Washington Elementary on President Street. You are just cruising down the road when you see the blue lights of a Wheaton Police officer in your rear view. A speeding ticket or other traffic violation!

The City of Wheaton recently lowered the speed limit in most residential areas to 25 mph. This has come as an unwelcome surprise to many drivers in Wheaton. While some high traffic streets such as Gary Avenue and West Street are exempted from the new lower limit, it is easy to get a traffic violation in Wheaton.

I have a Traffic Violation in Wheaton. What Happens now?

In DuPage County, you often have the opportunity to request supervision by mail. This is a good option for many drivers, but there are some important factors to keep in mind.

If you exercise this option, you are pleading guilty to the offense. Should the Clerk’s Office determine that you are not eligible for supervision, a conviction will enter against you and be reported to the Secretary of State’s Office for inclusion on your driving record.

If you are concerned about your eligibility for court supervision or you wish to contest the ticket, you’ll want to attend court. If you are charged with a criminal offense such as aggravated speeding, or you missed the deadline to mail in your supervision request, or you are under 21 years old, you must attend court or send an attorney to attend on your behalf.

What Should I Expect at Traffic Court in Wheaton?

Traffic violations written by the Wheaton Police Department are heard in the Wheaton Field Court, which is located in Room 1001 of the DuPage County Judicial Center located at 505 North County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL 60187. The Judicial Center is a large building with many courtrooms and county offices. While parking is free and there are ample spaces in the lots near the Center as well as a large parking garage, many of people are coming to court at the same time as you and it can get hectic finding a spot. Arriving a bit early can ease some anxiety. The Wheaton Judicial Center is also served by PACE buses and is a common pickup and drop-off location for Uber and Lyft drivers. DuPage County requires all visitors to the Wheaton Judicial Center to go through the security lines. Cellphones equipped with cameras are prohibited in the Wheaton Judicial Center as well. Your best bet is to leave your phone in the car, but there are lockers located on the first floor of the parking garage. After you clear security, there are computer terminals next to the doors to the traffic court where you can check in with the clerk before entering the courtroom.

What Happens in the Wheaton Field Court?

When the judge calls your name, you will have the option to plead guilty, request a trial, or request more time for an attorney.

If you choose to plead guilty, the prosecutor will recommend a sentence to the judge. Private attorneys working for the City of Wheaton prosecute most traffic tickets written by the Wheaton Police Department. They will review your record and make a sentencing recommendation to the judge. Several factors will go into the recommendation, including your driving record and the circumstances of the ticket. In most cases, the sentence will usually be a fine of around $300. In some cases, the judge will order traffic school as well.

Should you plead not guilty, a trial will take place at the end of the court session, if the officer is present. You will be held to the standards of the Illinois Rules of Court and Evidence. The police officer will testify, you can testify and present evidence, and the just will determine if you are guilty or not guilty of committing the traffic violations.

It should also be noted that in Wheaton Traffic Court, the absence of the officer who wrote the ticket on the first court date will not result in a dismissal of the ticket. A new court date will be scheduled for the trial.

Should You Get an Attorney?

The lawyers at Driver Defense Team are experienced Wheaton Traffic Violation Attorneys. We are in court every day and have learned how to get the best available resolution for your speeding ticket. If you have questions about your particular situation, if your driving record is ‘complicated’ or you just don’t to face this alone, give Driver Defense Team a call at (312) 940-8330 and put our experience to work for you.

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