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The Illinois Secretary of State’s office has the authority to suspend or revoke the license of those charged with a DUI or with a history of multiple serious traffic violations. If you have had your driver’s license revoked or suspended in Illinois, it is important that you obtain the assistance of competent and experienced legal counsel to help you navigate through the complex Illinois legal system as quickly and easily as possible.

Additionally, if you reside out of state and you are need of getting clearance from Illinois to obtain a license in another state, our office can assist you with preparing an out of state hearing packet, which is required for those individuals who reside more than 30 miles outside of the Illinois border.

The first step in reinstating your driving privileges is to have an informal hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. At this hearing, the hearing officer can provide us with a detailed record of your driving history as well as any treatment or documentation recommendations that would be needed before proceeding to the next step of having a formal hearing.

At the formal hearing, we have the opportunity to question you directly in order to provide the hearing officer with evidence that you are a responsible and capable driver that will respect the rules of the road if given the opportunity to get a permit or full reinstatement of your license . In addition to your testimony, the hearing officer will consider evidence such as a drug and alcohol evaluation, documentation of any and all completed treatment and reference letters from family and friends.

Our office has helped hundreds of drivers in successfully obtaining reinstatement of their driving privileges due to a revocation or suspension for DUI, multiple traffic violations, reckless driving and drag racing, underage alcohol offenses, possession of fraudulent identification.

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