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Chicago Parking Tickets

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The City of Chicago has a very aggressive parking enforcement policy. If you live, work, or visit in Chicago, your chances of getting a parking ticket are high.

Many people believe that it is impossible to fight these tickets. This is wrong. If you know what you’re doing, not only can you fight these tickets, your chances of winner are high!

Fortunately, our law firm fights thousands of tickets every year and our results are excellent. But you must act fast. As you will see below, your time to challenge these tickets is limited.

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Timeline of a Chicago Parking Ticket

When an owner of a vehicle is issued a City of Chicago parking ticket it can either be contested or paid. The City will then mail the owner a second notice of violation approximately 7 days later. This second notice allows the owner 21 days to request a hearing or pay the ticket. This notice is mailed to wherever the vehicle is registered with the Secretary of State. If no hearing is requested and no payment is made, the City will automatically assign liability by defaulting the ticket and mailing a notice to the owner. Once a ticket is defaulted, the owner has 21 days from the date of mailing to petition the court to set aside that default and to have a hearing on the case. If the owner of the vehicle fails to do this, and does not pay within 25 days from the date of mailing, the fine for the ticket will double.

If a hearing is requested in a timely manner, the case is given a hearing date. That hearing date is typically one or two months after the request. The City will give the owner an entire week to come in and contest the ticket. If the owner fails to come in during the scheduled hearing week, the City will default the case and send a mailed notice to the owner. The owner then has 21 days from that mailed notice to set aside that judgment or pay the ticket. If the owner of the vehicle fails to do this, and does not pay within 25 days from the date of mailing, the fine for the ticket will double.

5 Common Questions Regarding Parking Tickets

1. Are Chicago parking tickets worth fighting?

Absolutely. There are numerous defenses and procedures that can dismiss a ticket. Asserting your right to a hearing for any parking ticket can substantially benefit your legal and financial interests.

2. My ticket has doubled, is there anything I can do to lower the fine?

Ordinarily, no. All the City of Chicago is obligated to do under the ordinance is send notice to wherever the vehicle is registered with the Secretary of State. If the City can show that they mailed notice to this address, even if the owner proves they do not live there or have not lived at this location for years, then that notice will be sufficient.

The only way the fine can be lowered or the ticket dismissed after it has doubled is if there is a problem with the notice the City sent. If the notice lists the wrong zip code, misspelled address or name, or has no apartment number then these may be grounds to reopen the case. Then we can attempt to get ticket dimissed or at least bring the fine down to its original amount.

3. If I have already paid the fine or requested a hearing by mail can I still have an in person hearing?

No. A paid fine is deemed to be an admission of liability and the case is over. Furthermore, when the owner requests a hearing by mail, the court is only allowed to review the evidence submitted by mail and cannot hear live testimony or evidence.

4. Can Chicago parking tickets affect my license?

Yes. If you accumulate 10 or more unpaid parking tickets that are in Final Determination, the City of Chicago can request that the Secretary of State suspend your license. This is also true if you accumulate 5 or more speed/red light camera tickets in Final Determination.

5. I have a lot of Chicago parking tickets, when do I need to worry about a boot on my vehicle?

The City of Chicago can request a boot be placed on your vehicle if you have 3 or more tickets in Final Determination. A hearing can be requested, but all the City is required to do is show that 3 or more tickets are in Final Determination and the City sent proper notice.

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