Norridge Commercial Drivers License Violation Lawyers

Norridge Commercial Driver’s License Violation Lawyers

Your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) shows carriers and employers you are a licensed and competent professional truck driver. Losing your privilege to operate a CDL vehicle could result in an enormous hardship, which can happen if you are convicted of certain traffic violations.

The most common traffic offenses Driver Defense Team deals with are lane violations, overweight tickets and speeding offenses.

As a CDL driver, most traffic tickets will be treated more seriously than a non-CDL driver. And remember, an individual with a CDL driver’s license can receive a traffic violation in their truck – or personal vehicle.

A “serious” offense goes towards disqualifying an individual’s CDL for a certain period of time, which includes speeding more than 15 MPH above the speed limit, improper lane usage and stop sign violations.

Can Your Ticket Get Dismissed?

In the Village of Norridge, it is possible to get your ticket dismissed if the village prosecutor agrees not to proceed with the charge(s), or if the officer is not present in court. If the village proceeds with the charge(s) and your driving record is relatively clear of past traffic offenses, many prosecutors will be willing to amend the charge from a “serious” ticket to a “non-moving” offense, which will not affect your CDL driving record.

What is an Estimate of Fines and Costs?

Non-moving violations can be parking tickets or a cracked windshield violation, which results in fees and court costs. Costs can vary from $179 to $209, while fines are typically around $100 to $150.

The attorneys at Defense Driving Team can represent you in court on minor traffic violations. Many judges encourage you to have an attorney appear in your place with a power of attorney, (also known as an affidavit). The affidavit allows attorneys to represent their clients. This is especially helpful for CDL drivers who don’t live in Illinois yet were ticketed while driving in Illinois.

Unfortunately, if you receive a misdemeanor traffic offense, such as a DUI, you must appear in court, or risk having a warrant issued for your arrest. A DUI also has more serious ramifications towards your CDL driving privileges. A first offense DUI can suspend your CDL license for one (1) year and prevent you from driving a commercial motor vehicle in Illinois. A second DUI will result in a lifetime ban of your CDL license. This happens even if you are in your personal vehicle.

When you have your hearing on the suspension and the DUI charge, Driver Defense Team can advise you on the best course of action to retain your CDL driving privileges. Call our office today at (312) 940-8330 to speak with an experienced CDL violation attorney.

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