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The Village of Lombard, Illinois is in DuPage County. If you are stopped by the Lombard Police Department and issued a ticket by a Lombard police officer, you may have to appear in traffic court. If you are issued a ticket, you may want to consider speaking to an experienced traffic attorney at Driver Defense Team before going to court.

If you are issued a traffic ticket by a Lombard officer, they can write you a citation under the Illinois Vehicle Code (ILVC) or a ticket can be issued under the Lombard Traffic Code. The Village of Lombard has its own traffic codifications, which are similar to the ILVC with the distinction that under the Lombard Code, several charges have mandatory minimum fines that the analogous ILVC charge does not have.

If you must appear in court for a traffic ticket, your case will be heard at the Wheaton main courthouse, Room 1003. Lombard call traffic tickets 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. The time you will be heard is dependent upon the time the ticketing officer is scheduled to be in court.

Whether your ticket is a misdemeanor or petty offense, your case will be prosecuted by the Village of Lombard prosecutor. Unlike the Illinois State’s Attorney’s office, the Lombard Village Prosecutor is a private attorney with her own practice – but also works as a Village municipal prosecutor for Lombard, Carol Stream and Lisle. Due to being employed by these Villages, she cannot represent individuals who received tickets from, or originating out, of these Villages.

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Due to the possible implications traffic tickets can have on your driver’s license, it is highly recommended that before going to court, you should contact an attorney experienced in defending traffic tickets in Lombard. Our legal team at Driver Defense Team is experienced in handling Lombard traffic tickets and our attorneys are ready to represent you to obtain the best possible result. Call us today at (312) 940-8330 to speak with an attorney.

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