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Welcome to the Driver Defense Team information page on Addison traffic tickets and crimes. Seeking help is a wise course of action when you receive any Addison traffic violation citation. Any ticket you get in Illinois could have serious consequences by itself, as well as potentially compound any future problems you may have with the traffic laws in the state. With that in mind, please read on for a discussion of traffic law in the village.

Where Is the Addison Traffic Court?

Your Notice to Appear should direct you to the appropriate place for your court appointment. In Addison, that would be the DuPage County 18th Judicial Circuit Field Court at 3 Friendship Plaza. The courtrooms are inside the Addison Police Department on the second floor.

How Serious Are Traffic Violations?

Traffic tickets are serious. Any time you are accused of breaking the law, it would probably be a good idea to mount the strongest defense possible. The exact nature and number of the traffic violations for which the officer cited you would determine the severity of the consequences.

There are a variety of penalties that may be associated with traffic violations, including fines, incarceration and the suspension of your driver’s license privileges. It would be difficult to say without an analysis of your case which of these penalties may apply. Even different speeding tickets carry different penalties.

The number of violations on your citation and your driving record could also partially determine your consequences. Illinois operates on a cumulative point system, and each offense has a point number associated with it. Your total score from anywhere in the state over the last 12 months could enter into a DuPage county judge’s decision on license suspensions. Low scores are better, and zero is best.

What Is Aggravated Speeding?

While all traffic violations are serious, some may have more immediate consequences than others. For example, aggravated speeding could qualify as a class A misdemeanor. A conviction for this category of crimes could damage your record, land you in jail and result in thousands of dollars in fines and court fees. Other traffic violations in Illinois may result in immediate license suspension — illegally passing a school bus, for example.

Can You Get A Ticket Thrown Out?

The effectiveness of any potential remedies for your traffic violations could depend on your situation and your willingness to follow proper court procedure. There is a relatively strict set of deadlines, as well as a variety of potential fees and documents you may have to submit. It is often a good idea to get started as soon as possible so if you want to comply with all of the requirements.

Please keep in mind that paying off a ticket may not have the effect you want, especially in the long term. Whatever your goals are for your traffic defense, we are able to help you secure the best possible outcome. For more information, or to speak with a traffic violation lawyer, please call us now at (312) 940-8330.

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